Elena Povetkina: Services of grid companies to be transferred to e-format


The work on transferring to electronic format services on technical connection provided by grid companies has already started. The news was voiced by Elena Povetkina, Head of the office for optimization and control over procedures related to urban planning policy of Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy.

She noted that since the beginning of the year the portal of state services provides an opportunity to submit applications to Mosvodokanal for conclusion of agreements on technological connection and to conclude contracts on connection to water supply and sewage networks. It is also possible to submit e-applications to UEC (United Energy Company) for connection to power supply networks up to 150 kW.

Nowadays the work is focused on MUEGC (Moscow United power Grid Company).

“We believe that in the future all the services of grid companies will be transferred to electronic format. Most significantly that interaction should be available in electronic format at all stages – from the contract conclusion ending with its closure, as it is in case with administrative procedures in construction industry,” said Elena Povetkina in her interview with “Stroim Prosto”.

According to her, the model document processing scheme should be as follows. First, the application for signing a contract is submitted. After that a draft treaty can be accessed in the developer’s personal account on the Portal of state services. The developer signs it with the electronic signature and sends it to the grid company. Then, the electronically signed agreement on technological connection is sent to the personal account of developer (i.e. Cabinet of developer). After that the interaction concerning documents related to the process of technical connection is launched via the portal of state services of the Cabinet of developer.

“Taken as a whole, for transfer of services to electronic format we need to formalize the  structure of the entire process to the maximum. If the structure is approved, the procedure is almost ready to be transferred to electronic format,” concluded Elena Povetkina.

Stroim Prosto

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