The first report on the suitability of the developer on the basis of trust was issued in Moscow


Moskomstroyinvest issued the first conclusion on the compliance of the developer and the project declaration with the norms of the Federal Law on Shared Construction to the developer whose authorized capital was confirmed by the guarantor. This was reported by the Chairman of the Committee Konstantin Timofeev.

ZOS was issued on the address at: ul. Krasnobogatyrskaya, 90, which is being built within the framework of the “Nasledie”. The developer is AO “Investicii v razvitie technologiy” (part of the structure of PAO “GALS-Development”). “Since AO “Investicii v razvitie technologiy”of its authorized capital was not enough to receive ZOS, the parent company issued a guarantee agreement”, said Konstantin Timofeev.

Conclusion on compliance Moskomstroyinvest issues within 30 days after the filing of documents. If the authorized body refuses the company to issue an ZOS, then, having eliminated the shortcomings, the developer can again file the documents.

Remind, from July 1, 2017 came into force changes in 214-FZ, which relate to the requirements for the authorized capital of the developer. The minimum size is calculated from the maximum area of ​​all the shared construction projects that are planned to be built. That is, if this house is an area of ​​25 thousand square meters, the authorized capital should be at least 40 million rubles. Otherwise, the developer will not receive a conclusion about compliance with the object.

According to the changes in 214-FZ, if the company lacks its own funds, it can provide a guarantee of its founder or shareholder for the missing amount of funds. According to Konstantin Timofeev, many Moscow developers do not need such a guarantee and can be divided into two groups. The first group had sufficient authorized capital before July 1, 2017. The second group is developers who, in order to obtain ZOS, increased their authorized capital.

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