Government of the Russian Federation is ready for a dialogue with developers


The Russian Government submitted to the State Duma a bill that mitigates the amendments to the legislation on housing construction, which should enter into force in July 2018.

The document, prepared by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and approved by the Cabinet, refers to the easing of measures to obtain permits, and contains a clause on the financing of projects. Developers, who earlier criticized the package of amendments that toughened the requirements for companies, positively assessed this step.

“The fact that the authorities provided for changing the norms that were most discussed by the market is very good, so we can build a productive dialogue,” commented the situation to the Construction newspaper in the legal service of the GC Granel.

Introduced by the amendments the principle “one builder – one building permit”, in the opinion of developers, would significantly complicate the implementation of projects of integrated development of territories. And earlier representatives of construction companies were actively expressing their request to cancel it.

In addition, the bill, approved by the Russian government, gives developers the opportunity to receive targeted loans of the main company, which, according to industry experts, is also a step towards.

But some of the contradictions introduced into the legislation by the package of amendments, according to representatives of the company Granel, have not been resolved in the new bill.

“For example, there is a standard that requires a developer’s obligations not related to the construction of a house, which should not exceed 1% of the design cost of construction as of the date of sending the project declaration to the authorized body (clauses 1.5 of Part 2 of Article 3) the lawyers of GC “Granel” note. – And at the same time, there is a norm on expenses for the maintenance of the builder, which can not exceed 10% of the project construction cost (part 2, article 18). ”

However, the fact that the draft law is being drafted that mitigates the amendments in 214-FZ shows that the authorities are ready to listen to the opinion of developers and to seek the most effective solutions to problems in the construction industry.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazeta

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