Services will be  transferred to the electronic form

On 22th of July the head of the Department of Urban Policy Sergei Levkin said that before the end of the year the city authorities are planning to complete the transfer of electronic services to 16 services of network companies, which will greatly simplify the procedure for connecting housing and other real estate to engineering networks.

The head of the agency explained that the services will be translated into the electronic form for the issuance of technical conditions, the conclusion of contracts for connection and issuance of acts on the implementation of technological connection to the networks of engineering and technical support.

– Developers will be given the opportunity to submit one set of documents through the official portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow, – said Sergey Levkin.

A survey conducted at the beginning of June of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center revealed that among developers there was a request to receive services for connection to networks by filling out a single application in electronic form.

For the transition to this form of service expressed 70 percent of the respondents, – said Sergei Levkin.

To date, all the major public services in the construction sector are provided electronically, starting with the design of the town planning plan for the land and ending with the commissioning of the facility – 18 public services.

Less paper

The authorities of the capital have been working for several years to reduce administrative procedures in construction.

So, the collection of information for developers is simplified. In the capital, an information infrastructure has been created that provides the opportunity to provide developers with information about previously conducted geological and topographical studies.

“The only goal is an operative solution of all the emerging issues and complexities of developers in the course of administrative procedures and obtaining state services,” said Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Development Policy and Construction Marat Khusnullin. – The number of documents on paper is reduced, and the system of interaction between business and government is simplified.

Electronic services – is not only saving time and nerves of the builder. This kind of interaction between the applicant and the official allows you to exclude personal communication, and therefore, reduces corruption risks. The process is improving day by day. If by the end of 2013 in electronic form it was possible to get 7 of the 14 basic services in the construction industry, now – all the key ones. In 2017, 90 percent of the documents are filed online.

Good effect

According to the research of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, on average more than half of the construction industry experts note the positive effect of the reforms being implemented. The most positive assessments are related to the transfer of public services in the construction sector to the electronic form.

About half of the respondents – 47 percent of the respondents who applied to the bodies and organizations of the Moscow Building Complex noted that in the last year the interaction with these structures improved. At the same time last year, only 37 percent of the survey respondents supported this opinion.

Head of the Department of Urban Development Policy of Moscow Sergey Levkin said that work to reduce administrative barriers in construction is conducted on behalf of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and is one of the priority areas of activity.

“Developers no longer put administrative barriers on leading positions in the list of reasons that hamper construction,” he noted. “The receipt of permits is the eighth place, and economic leaders are among the leaders.

Available Information

Get the necessary information developers can on the city portal “Build Simple”. This is the first online platform for informing business representatives about current topics and issues related to activities to reduce administrative barriers in the construction industry in Moscow.

The most useful information for developers is contained in the section “Guide to services”, where a specialist can find not only a list of all state services, but also detailed instructions for obtaining them, regulations, legal documents and much more.


Source: Vechernya Moskva