Site E-Diary to be developed in Moscow by year-end


Elaboration of construction site electronic diary to be completed until the end of 2016, said the Head of Information and Analytical Office of the Department of urban planning policy Andrey Kurilov. He noted that at present construction site diaries exist only in paper based format.

“The journal is filled up at construction site by field engineers – i.e. by the construction company, which is involved in implementation of a project. The diary is a day-to-day record of construction activities, used mechanisms and operating conditions on the certain construction site. The information is added to a site diary on a daily basis. Let us take for instance a brickwork or excavation works. The diary specifies building materials used, temperature, air humidity etc.,” said Andrey Kurilov in his interview to the portal of the Construction Complex.

According to him, introduction of site e-diary will allow to reduce the time spent on its filling. Furthermore developers and the city will have current and relevant information on progress of works on construction sites; that will help to increase efficiency of control and monitoring of construction works.

Moreover, introduction of standard requirements for keeping site diaries will enable to obtain analytical findings on the progress of construction works. “There will be selected pilot construction projects, introduction of this technology will be launched until the next spring. At first pilot developers will be forced to keep two site diaries at once – hard copy and electronic. Tt is also necessary to train specialists for this work,” added Andrey Kurilov.

Portal of the Construction Complex

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