Terms of construction of housing  for renovation can be reduced for 80 days


Timing for the construction of houses under the renovation program can be reduced for another 80 days, said the head of the Urban Planning policy Policy deaprtment of Moscow Sergey Levkin.

He specified that this will be possible due to optimization of administrative procedures.

“We continue to work on the optimization of administrative procedures in obtaining a warrant for earthworks, as well as for engineering surveys. Now the issue is under consideration, we expect to shorten the existing deadlines for another 80 days and eight procedures. As a result, the period of the administrative procedures for the construction of the renovation object should be 538 days and 63 procedures, “said Sergei Leovkin.

The head of the department stressed that the authorities will continue to pay special attention to control over the procedure for passing the necessary procedures, the reduction of which in no case should not affect the quality of construction.

Sergei Lyovkin added that the Government of Moscow has been working for several years to reduce administrative barriers, the results of which are already visible today.

“If in 2017 91 procedures were necessary for the construction of the apartment building, which usually took 927 days, today the total time required for the construction of housing within the renovation program was reduced to 618 days. Now to enter the site, 71 procedures must be completed, “the official said.

Source: AGN Moscow

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