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Nikeshkin Sergey

General Director, Chief Architect of the Project Bureau "Krupny Plan"

Transition to digital technologies – current trend in construction


Archdaily architectural news portal has published a review of current trends in the construction industry for 2019. Among them – the use of digital solutions in construction: BIM-technologies, process automation, electronic public services.

Sergey Nikeshkin, General Director and Chief Architect of the Krupny Plan Design Bureau, noted that digitalization is a global trend in the field of urban planning associated with the active development of technology, and Russia also follows it.

“Today, Russian cities automate work processes in the field of public services, health care, and education. This is a real breakthrough in building an information model of the relationship of a person with a city, society, state. In the future, everything will be smart: the house as the concentration of the functions of artificial intelligence, and the city as an environmentally friendly system of interrelated processes, information databases and the Internet of things”, the expert believes.

Source: “Stroitelnaya gazets”.

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