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Tsvetkova Lyubov

Chairman of the Board, Association of Investors of Moscow (AIMOS)

Success of Russia at Doing Business – result of serious reforms


The growth of Russia’s positions in the Doing Business ranking is the result of large-scale reforms of the construction industry and the optimization of all procedures, says Lyubov Tsvetkova, chairman of the board of the Moscow Investors Association.

“Russia’s position in the World Bank ranking is a long way of reform, which, in particular, has passed the Moscow Government in the investment and construction sector. Much has been done so that investors can make effective decisions at the early stages of the project development: the composition of the GPZU has been expanded, a consolidated plan of underground communications has been formed, and the Geofund data has been digitized. The translation of almost all services into electronic form, including the services of the North Ossetia, and the reduction of their terms – significantly saves the time of the developer. Also, I note that the Moscow Government holds many educational seminars and launches electronic services that are also useful in work”, added Lyubov Tsvetkova.

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